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Forensic Evaluations of Adults

ORS 161.360 Fitness to Proceed)

These evaluations assist counsel to determine, if as a result of a qualifying mental disorder, the defendant is unable to: 

a)   Understand the nature of the proceedings against the defendant; or

b)   Assist and cooperate with the counsel of the defendant; or

c)   Participate in the defense of the defendant.

ORS 161.295, 161.305 Criminal Responsibility (Guilty Except Insanity)

These evaluations assist counsel to determine if, at the time of engaging in criminal conduct and as a result of qualifying mental disorder,  a defendant lacked the capacity to appreciate the criminality of their conduct or to conform their conduct to the requirements of the law. These evaluations can only be completed if a client is competent to proceed.

ORS.161.300 Mental State at the Time of the Offense

These evaluations assist counsel to determine if the defendant suffered from a qualifying mental disorder at the time of the offense which is relevant to the issue of if the defendant did or did not have the intent which is an element of the crime.

Sentencing: Aggravating and Mitigating Factors

These evaluations assist counsel to determine if there are any aggravating or mitigating circumstances that should be considered in sentencing. They may also provide information regarding a specific psychological issue. These evaluations may include psychodiagnostic assessment, assessment of risk and protective factors, identification of treatment needs,  recommendations for treatment, etc.

Risk Assessment

These evaluations assist counsel to determine a client’s risk for engagement in future high-risk behavior such as violence and suicide. Risk mitigation and management strategies are included.

Psychosexual Evaluations

These evaluations assist counsel to determine a client’s level of risk for sexual and non–sexual recidivism, the specific dynamic risk factors or criminogenic needs to be targeted through interventions, strengths and protective factors, recommended types and intensity of interventions that will be most beneficial and amenability to interventions. At this time, we are only completing evaluations of adult males with alleged and/or previous in person sexual offenses (vs. internet only). 

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